The Drilldown Tab is where an Investigator goes to get the underlying information from the indicators shown in Galaxy or Neighborhood. It calls up information on the identity being reviewed, allows the Investigator to run supporting searches, and provides a grid to load and review the search data.

NOTE: Drilldown searches are not part of the demo, due to the significant increase to demo DB size that would result. The source code and other binary releases will have this available, but will require connection to your own company data.

To get started:
  1. On either the Galaxy or Neighborhood Tab, click an indicator. You will see a HUD (Heads Up Display) pop up to the right.
  2. Double click on of the indicator text boxes in the HUD. The Drilldown tab will be selected and populated with some data.
You are now looking at an area used for analysis of the indicator data. Normal use involves running drilldown searches by clicking on the labels on the left (NOT PART OF DEMO), then clicking the refresh button to list current completed searches, which displays the data in the grid on the right.

You can click the refresh button to make a sample drilldown query available. Double click on the file to have it appear in the grid.

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